Sunshine Coast Caravan Storage Tips

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October 20, 2016
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January 4, 2017
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Sunshine Coast Caravan Storage Tips

Sunshine Coast Caravan Storage

Sunshine Coast Caravan Storage Tips

Considering Sunshine Coast Caravan Storage? We live in a beautiful part of the world, but the weather can be harsh on your caravan if it stored outside without cover.

Caravans are often too large to fit in a garage or under a carport, and if left exposed for long periods your investment may be ruined. Anything made from rubber can be destroyed by the elements, even tyres may be damaged by the sun.

Van covers are a short term option but even these can become a liability in strong winds, loose covers flapping against your caravan will wear and damage the paint and surfaces.

Having your caravan stored in safe secure environment under cover is the best bet.

Caravan Storage Tips

Below we have listed some tips for storing your caravan.

Store Under Cover
Storing your caravan undercover away from rain and direct sunlight is the best option. Don’t leave it under trees because it may be damaged by falling branches and you will get it covered in leaves, sap and bird droppings!

Clean The Fridge
Don’t forget to empty and clean your fridge before storing your caravan. Leaving the door open will allow air flow which helps prevent mould and unpleasant smells in your fridge.

Gas Bottles
Make sure to turn off at the bottle and burn off any gas that is left in the pipes. When removing gas bottles always cover up the connections and pipes to prevent insects from entering and making a home.

Toilet Issues
Always empty and clean the toilet and cartridge after your trip. This isn’t the nicest job but it’s better than the risk of disease, smells and damage.

Water Tanks
Water tanks should not be left with water inside them. Ensure that you drain all of the water and allow them to vent from within the caravan, don’t vent them from the exterior as bugs and insects will make their way into the pipes.

Before travelling you should completely flush the tanks with clean water and consider purifying the water if there is any odour present.

If you need caravan storage advice and a price to store your caravan please call us on 07 5445 5655.

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