Got questions about Lockaway's storage? We've got the answers!

Lockaway Self Storage caters for removalists, builders, tradesman, handymen, retailers, unit dwellers, accountants, solicitors, distributors, repackagers, real estateagents, mobile services and cleaners.

What can I store? 

Anything that’s not perishable or flammable. Boats, cars, trailers, caravans, motor bikes, parts, sporting goods, furniture, hobbies, retail, collections, building materials, gardening equipment, electrical goods, documents, files and repackaged goods.


Moving house, waiting for settlement day or maybe you haven’t found your dream home yet.


Store your personal items and furniture with us and you can get to your things any you need to.

No room?

If you live in a town house, unit or simply don’t have enough room at home, why not store some of your extra items in one of our smaller units.


Store items to reduce clutter.

When on holidays?

Leave your valuables, boat, trailer etc with us while on holiday, knowing that someone is over things.

Working Overseas?

Have peace of mind, knowing that your furniture or personal items, even your car, are safe and secure.

Caravan Park Residents?

Or Live on Boaties? If you don’t have room for your furniture, personal items, we do.

Shop Keepers?

Don’t tie up valuable space. For the cost of one square metre of commercial space, we can provide you with a medium size storage unit to store your stock, files, displays, equipment, etc. Let us show you how to save dollars!
10% discount off list price to businesses. Corporate Accountants, Lawyers, We’ll set up a size to suit with archive shelving.