Boat Storage Tips Sunshine Coast

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November 9, 2016
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Boat Storage Tips Sunshine Coast

Boat Storage Tips Sunshine Coast

Boat Storage Tips Sunshine Coast

Boat storage on the Sunshine Coast is a part of life for many of us, although some may not have enough room or suitable secure storage space. Lockaway offers affordable secure boat storage on the Sunshine Coast, we hope our useful Boat Storage Tips Sunshine Coast article below will help you to get the best from our self storage facility.

1. Cleaning before storing

A thorough wash and rinse of the entire boat is a really good idea and paying close attention to any salt, growth and build-ups is good advice as these can do damage over time.

If your boat has any vinyl upholstery we advise giving it a good clean and you could also apply some conditioner or a protectorant. It is important to make sure it is dry before covering or shutting up the boat. Clean out your bilge, this is often overlooked and having any stagnant water is not good.

2. The motor

Thoroughly flush your motor  to ensure there is no salt water or contaminants present. If you own a four-stroke motor, an oil and filter change will help displace water or any other unwanted things that may made their way inside. Re grease any grease points and fittings. It’s a good idea to cover the propeller area because it holds water.

3. The battery

Before storing your boat top up the battery cells and fully charge the battery. This will prolong its life. To prevent it draining over time, disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. Never disconnect positive first. Alternatively, you can run a trickle charger on it.

4. Boat Covers

Even if you are storing your boat under the cover of a roof it’s still a good idea to cover it. This will protect your boat from dust and other debris that may be blown around in the wind. Always ensure that your boat cover is securely fastened, having a flapping cover will damage and scratch your boat.

Storing your boat trailer

Your boats trailer is important and should also be prepared for storage.

6. Cleaning 

Without a trailer your boats going no where, so it’s best to maintain it. Before storing your boat trailer give a good wash and make sure that you get rid of any salt on the frame or rollers.

If your trailer has an unsealed box frame make sure you thoroughly rinse this through as well.

7. Rust-prevention

Have a look at your trailer all over and check for any corrosion. Applying good quality corrosion protection product is smart, especially in areas where water may sit.

8. Lubricate

Apply fresh grease to all areas which may require it, such as the jockey wheel, coupling and winch – this not only provides lubrication but will displace any water in these areas.

9. Tyres and wheels

Check your wheel bearings and either replace them or re pack them with suitable grease. Ensure your tyres are in good condition are inflated correctly and chock up your wheels.

Check our boat storage page here.

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